Ryder Jonah, a Five O Seven Photo Brand Advocate

I typically visit Minnesota, my home town, twice a year. However, now that my first nephew was born on September 20 my trips to Minnesota may be more often than I think! My Sister, Tricia Jo Leanger, is an amazing new Mommy to Ryder Jonah.  I ventured to Minnesota last weekend to meet him for the first time at 7x weeks old. He is a handsome, healthy little boy. Our first day together babysitting I had to bring out my lens for some photo time just him and I! This is why I had to introduce to everyone Ryder, as he will be an often brand advocate and model for Five O Seven Photo.

I started taking photos of babies when I lived in California with my little roommate Jacob Wayne Burgess, son of Dina Burgess. Ryder is my second baby and now I can say I can proudly add baby photography to my wide array of specialties! The first shoot consisted of a photo backdrop by the coziest items around the house. I propped him in his Boppy Lounger Pillow with a soft blanket to accent as the background. And there you have it! Enjoy the cozy photos of Ryder.