Oregon and Most of the Falls

Over Memorial Holiday weekend I took a trip to Oregon all by myself. It was exhilarating allowing time to reflect on my life and also to think what’s my next excursion? Sharing in detail my weekend stops if you plan to go – I did a lot of research and planning to pack in as much as I could into 4 days. I know the mountains are bigger in this world, but these were still pretty cool.

Day 1

First, the city of Portland. St. John’s Bridge was a beautiful landmark and small park to stroll around (mini version of the Golden Gate Bridge I assume but I’ve never seen it). Alberta street was a cozy neighborhood I saw depictions from the comedic sitcom “Portlandia” (i.e. co-op grocery store).  On Alberta I ate an awesome brunch at Tin Shed Garden Cafe; their buttermilk biscuit was mouth-watering. And I couldn’t resist dessert with specialty ice cream and homemade waffle cones at Love and Salt (where the biz started). After I walked over the Steel Bridge, photographed the iconic “Portland Oregon” sign, I checked off a stop into Powell’s library (largest book chain in the world). Dinner time I needed to enjoy craft beer and went to 10 Barrel brewery. I made sure to try the beers only able to get at the brewery to keep it fresh.

Day 2

It was time to lace up my hiking shoes. I drove east along the Colombia River where a lot of the trails are all off of the 84 highway. Some water falls spots weren’t a hike and more of a stroll up a path which was nice.

  • Multnomah Falls – the most iconic water falls in Oregon. I got here right at 8am to avoid people in my photos and to get a parking spot. The place was pretty busy even right when it opened!
  • Bridge of the Gods – If you are a “Wild” book or movie fan, you should remember this bridge on the PCT – walking across it at the end of the journey. It was a pretty scary moment for myself when I walked on foot across the grid-like steel and I saw directly below the river (where you could drop a cellphone if not careful) plus the winds were extreme! But after I made my prayer (had to) I’m so happy I did it. Note the sign “Bridge of the Gods” is on the Washington side so make sure you cross the border entirely when you go!
  • Dry Creek Falls – I wanted to make a longer trek on the PCT and saw this trail right off the bridge on the Oregon side. It took me deep into the woods and ended with a secluded water fall that was very peaceful.
  •  Before I headed to the next spot, I had to stop at Thunder Island Brewery – This was by far the best view I’ve experienced for a brewery! I could have stayed here much longer but I had to keep moving on..
  •  Latourell Falls – My favorite view on this trail was about half way through seeing the falls through the trees.
  • Bridal Veil Falls – This was my least favorite stop because the falls looked small compared to the others (I was getting picky). But, it was an easy hike – opposite of the others where you go down on the way there and up on the way back.

The drive back to Portland was easy on the 84 and a pretty drive with green lush mountains on both sides. Back in Portland I walked up and down Mississippi street, another favorite neighborhood area. Over there was Ecliptic brewery with a nice outdoor patio area. I drove a couple minutes to Exo Novo which was my favorite Portland brewery out of the ones I visited. I really liked their beer, their branding (simple but stylistic) and their space. I made a last stop to Wayfinder which also had a cool patio but I had a weird experience with the staff and not a fan.

Day 3

  • VooDoo Donut – Just before 8am already had a short line but I had to get a crazy donut where this biz started.
  • Trillium Lake – I took the 26 scenic highway east for further sightseeing. Trillium lake had a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood where I drove right up to it. I strolled on the path surrounding the lake too. 
  • Tamanawas Falls – My final hike had the best path to its destination, hiking along the river rapids up to the falls. 
  • Thanks to the trail ambassador ladies I chatted up, they directed me to Mt. hood Winery – the one winery on the way to the small town of Hood River that has Mt. Hood in its view.
  • Hood River – This town was beautiful. When I go back for more hiking I’m staying in this town. The locals wake sailing along the river was so colorful. I made two stops at Full Sail Brewery and Ferment Brewery that just opened 3x weeks ago! Ferment now has the best view of the river to watch wake sailing. 
  • Back to Portland I checked off a couple more breweries; Widmer Brothers, Bridgeport for dinner (really good pizza) and Deschutes. 

Day 4

  • Coava Coffee – Loved this place, and great coffee.
  • Checked off a mural! “Everything is Everything” by Zach Yarrington on 508 SE Grand Ave.
  • The Daily Feast – Breakfast at this 60s-style diner. I was very sad when I heard the eggs benedict is only available on the weekend.. Still super cute.
  • Rose Garden – My flight was delayed so I got to walk around the free rose garden. I was surprised how big it was and everything blooming!

Thanks Oregon for an awesome weekend and the excitement to see more of the outdoors and hikes the world has to offer.

Unfortunately due to the recent fires, a lot of the trails were closed but I noted the hikes and more things to do for the next trip back.

  • Check out the neighborhood streets on Division, Hawthorne, Williams
  • Trip to Bend, Oregon for more lakes and breweries
  • Food Cart spot -Alder Street Food Cart: 639 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 (11:30-3pm, 5-8pm)
  • Pok Pok – Thai restaurant
  • Brewery recommendations by people I met over the weekend – HUB, Hopworks, Breakside.

Further Hikes

  • Punch Bowl Falls
  • Oneonta Falls
  • Starvation Creek
  • Silver Falls – will see multiple falls along the hike
  • Abiqua Falls – need a 4x wheel drive vehicle
  • Shepherd’s Dail
  • Pup Creek Falls
  • Dog Mountain – about 6x hour hike overlooking the gorge from the top
  • Eagle Creek
  • Mirror Lake – longer hike to the top of a mountain to see Mt. Hood
  • Tom Dick & Harry