Texas Tipi Adventure

What was my highlight this past weekend? Swaying back and forth on a hammock, gazing at the stars and full moon about to go to sleep in a tipi.

I did not always love the outdoors. The mosquitos in Minnesota are way worse than you could imagine (and still are to this day) where I grew up. Yes, I was a water baby going to my family lake cabin up north every weekend but when that sun set, I’d be running inside. No more about my non-outdoor days.. back to the tipi.

When laying on the tipi, I really realized how happy the outdoors makes me. It was a wonderful camping weekend with great company (old and new friends). The limitless adventurer in me approved this past weekend’s adventures..

Checked off my to-do list “glamping” in a tipi. My roommate (and planner of the weekend) found them on AirBnB in the small town New Braunfels, Texas. I need to sleep in more tipis, put it on your list.

I was able to tackle another river tubing excursion down the Guadalupe River. One of those summer activities many Texans do; roping up to your friends and relaxing over some beers while floating. My best tip learned was to wear water shoes; those rocks are not fun barefoot (very adult).

The man-made Lake Canyon was a hidden gem (to me at least). I did not expect the views when we drove up. We had to trek down a rocky steep path but once we got there, the blue warm water crashing against the shoreline rocks was amazing.


Also, did you know how many natural swimming holes there are in Austin? We were able to visit one on our way back, Hamilton Pool. This cave-life swimming hole was breathtaking. A .25 mile trek into luscious cool water. I’m glad I did my deep swimming right away before I saw all of the giant catfish swimming on the shore line – they were not afraid of people either. I need to go back to Austin and tackle more of those swimming holes.

Experiencing new adventures with friends makes relationships stronger. It’s also rewarding to learn a lot from my new friends over caravanning deep conversations about religion, kids, family and the future. Now it’s time for me to experience new adventures in a way I’ve never done before, a trip for the weekend solo! You’ll see…follow me on Instagram @connectedwithtrina


Say hello to my personal brand, Connected with Trina

What is a personal brand? Why is it important?

Companies build themselves around core values and a mission that they use to gauge success. We are most successful when we too have a similar structure in our personal life! It allows us to promote what we stand for. Also, it solidifies your online presence – what pulls up when you google your name?

Connected with Trina allows me to focus on what I want to achieve in order to be the most successful I can be. I live this life to make connections, whether those connections are with people, through advertising, photography or the outdoors (to name a few).

You’ll see on this improved site and through my social platforms just how my experiences are connected with me!

Here’s to being you. Time to get #connectedwithtrina