The hopeful romantic, who believes simple romance needs a come back. Where is the ‘Say Anything’ John Cusak boombox outside of my window?
The limitless adventurer. Out to conquer challenges and obstacles the world created. To climb the mountains that seem impossible, to prove that they are, in fact, possible.
Make changes – life gets better this way.
Live in creativity every day – by living in the now.
And take actions that motivate others to be inspired by me.

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I am Trina Severson, constantly striving to bring together all elements of the world: people, nature and creativity (to name a few).

A Minnesota-grown (and forever at heart) gal with the core belief that we live this life to make connections. This belief fuels my desire to work with people and brands that hold this same understanding and desire to connect with the world around them.

I am an advertiser, a photographer and an adventurer sharing my life experiences with those around me.

Time to get #connectedwithtrina