The hopeful romantic, who believes romance needs a come back. Where is the ‘Say Anything’ boombox outside of my window?
The limitless adventurer. Out to conquer challenges and obstacles the world created. To climb the mountains that seem impossible, to prove that they are, in fact, possible.
Live in creativity every day – by living in the now.
And take actions that motivate others to be inspired by me.

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This is Trina Severson, a Minnesota-grown (and forever at heart) gal.  She loves working in  the advertising industry, with over 7 years of experience, pushing brands to create breakthrough, paramount creative.  She also runs with her side hustle as a lifestyle and portrait photographer with Trina Productions.

Any chance Trina gets, she pushes the boundaries continuing to explore California, her new home. From car camping, hiking, to surfing, she’s always thinking outside and where to go next.

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